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Future City Project: January 16, 2018

posted Jan 16, 2018, 11:47 AM by James Falletti

Today we further discussed your Future City Project. Future City is a project-based learning program where students in Middle School  imagine, research, design, and build cities of the future. Here are the facts about the project:

  • Students have been broken up into three (3) groups

  • One (1) student has been selected  as a project manager

  • One (1) Binder is needed: 1.5” - 2.0”

  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

  • Groups must research a country where their chosen SDG would have the greatest impact: Nigeria, India, China, United States, Greece, Colombia, ...whatever you want.

  • Once you chose the Country that best fits your needs, research a specific city that you will focus on.

  • Research the following information:

    • Continent

    • Country

    • Neighboring Country(ies)

    • Terrain (Coastal, Mountains, Desert, etc…)

    • Climate

    • Natural Resources

    • Average Income

    • Typical Jobs

    • Religion(s)

    • Language(s)

    • Education

    • Health Issues and Life Expectancy

    • Population

    • Demographics

    • Government

    • Leisure Activities

    • Family Life

    • Type of Housing

  • What is the challenge you will try to solve?

  • What Solutions have they tried?

    • What has been tried?

    • Success/Failure

    • Reasons

  • What will you try to do? Why?

  • Each group will create a trifold Brochure (more information will be provided)

  • Each group will create a presentation on Google Slide or a Video about their Future City and how it has changed with your ideas and innovations

  • Each group will present a graphic rendition of their Future City

  • Each group will provide an Essay discussing their Future City and;

    • Where their city was and where it is now after you addressed the SDG’s

    • How your designs have changed not only the city your discussing, but surrounding cities and towns

    • What your Future City offers

    • Minimum of 3 - 5 pages

  • Each group will build a portion of their Future City, so follow these instructions:

    • Your group has a cap of $100.00 for their project. Your team must keep a detailed list of everything spent on building this project. NO TEAM MAY EXCEED $100.00.

    • Teams should look for recycled materials to keep the cost down.

    • Each group MUST build their Future City on a piece of Plywood. Talk to each team to split the difference.

    • Communicate with each other and each team

    • Their needs to be at least two moving features

      • Electric

      • Mechanical

      • Hydraulics

      • Other

    • Include Energy Sources

      • Wind

      • Solar

      • Water

      • Nuclear

      • Renewable or Non-Renewable Resources

      • Other

    • Teams may use the following materials and objects to make their projects meet the creativity or ART aspect of STEAM by using:

      • Lights

      • Model Material (trees, bushes, animals, people, etc…)

      • Paint

      • Wiring

      • Cars

      • Other

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